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The Pearl

Built in 2004, this Alden designed vessel was donated to Captain Sonnier by Chuck Wagner on behalf of the Suquamish Warriors. Stationed in Washington State, the Pearl is able to transport canoes and
canoe families year-round along the coastal corridor.  

Watch the Captain and Crew receive the Ship.

Screen Shot 2023-04-15 at 10.11.07 PM.png

All Nations
2024 Canoe Pulls Announced

All Nations is pleased to present their
2024 Canoe Schedule featuring signature events including Awaken the Canoes in June and Strong Women of the Water
 (and the Men who Support Them) in September.
This year will also see Healing Waters Men's Pull (and the Women who Support Them) added to the schedule. And of course, Tribal Journeys 2024 Paddle to 

Check the All Nations site for meeting details beginning January 2024!


The long wait for the canoes return has begun.....

2023 Canoe Season Draws to a Close

After an unforgettable Strong Women of the Water Pull on northern Vancouver Island, the Pearl and her crew are headed south to participate in their final event of the year, the Salmon Homecoming in Seattle.

The past few months have been both exhilarating and challenging, and the Sparrow Canoe Support team will spend the next few months reviewing what went well, and what we can do better, in our quest to provide the best on-water support possible for the canoes. 

Our relationship with All Nations Paddles Up placed our focus on British Columbia where the majority of our pulls originated - we accompanied canoes in May for the Sacred Journeys Pull to Victoria Inner Harbour, in June at the Parkland Pull in Qualicum,  in July for Tribal Journeys 2023 Paddle to Muckleshoot, and in September for Strong Women of the Water in Fort Rupert and Alert Bay.

emote - hu huy ch q'u thank you


This has been one of the most robust and rewarding seasons for Sparrow Canoe Support and we are forever grateful to the people and communities that have welcomed us as we travelled through traditional territories enroute to our destinations. From our home port on Vashon Island at the Quartermaster Marina, to the North Sannich Marine and French Creek Fuel dock,  to the management and staff at Campbell River's Ocean Pacific Marine, you have all been amazing.

Special acknowledgement goes to our fuel supplier for 2023, Parkland, to Steven Recalma for allowing All Nations use of the Singing Coho, to the Klahoose First Nation for the use of Tl'emtl'ems, and to all the skippers who guided the canoes safety through the Salish Sea.

Most importantly, emote - hu huy ch q'u -  thank you , to every puller, road-crew volunteer, cook, and organizer. You have, both individually and collectively, inspired us on the water, allowed us to share in your journey, and to sit in the sacred circle along side you. We have shared your tears and shed many of our own throughout our travels. We have laughed, reminisced, and created new memories which will carry us through the long, dark days of winter. 

We look forward to seeing you all again when Tribal Journeys meetings for the 2024 Paddle to Ahousat get underway in January. 




Strong Women of the Water 2023

From September 8-11, Northern Vancouver Island played host to the 2023 Strong Women of the Water pull. Participants enjoyed a night at Scotia Bay Resort, followed by two nights at Fort Rupert's Cluxese Campground outside Port McNeil. Breathtaking scenery, a visit to U'mista Museum in Alert Bay, time spent together around the campfire making medicine bags and playing a rousing game of Indian Bingo, along with a welcome by two humpback whales, made this an event to remember.

The Strong Women of the Water 2024 pull is set for early September and will travel through southern Vancouver Island into Washington State. Be sure to watch the site for details.

Screen Shot 2023-04-15 at 7.54.03 PM.png

Emote - emote - hu huy ch q'u - thank you to Margaret Chisholm for capturing the whales welcome from the shore of the Cluxese Campground

Memory Bank

Be a part of the story by sharing your photos and videos! 

We try and upload new images weekly.


Interested In Joining the 2024 Crew?

If you are interested in learning more about Sparrow Canoe Support, please contact us for information


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